Cherry O’ Cherry O’ Baby

In the wonderful area where I live, there are orchards all around us.  Many of them are cherry orchards.  I don’t know about you, but even in the winter, I still think the orchards are a beautiful site to behold.

Orchard on Concord

Those rolling hills in the background always turn green in late November.

cherry orchard on Payne

And when the fruit trees start to bloom, I find myself driving from one orchard to the next to see the changing trees.

blossoms and mustard

My poor family spends more time in the car while I am snapping photos than I would like to admit!

trees in bloom Pink

It was raining on this day and I still couldn’t resist!

blossom branches

Cherry Season in Brentwood means that everything else is just around the corner!  It’s the beginning of it ALL.  I have a friend who is more than mildly cherry-obsessed.  On the Saturday before Mother’s Day in May, I called her husband to tell him that “SEKO RANCH HAS CHERRIES!”.  She was out of town but he drove down to the orchard so that when she got home on Monday, she could have some of the first cherries of the season!

Seko Ranch first cherries of the season

The first cherries to come in are the Burlats.  The Burlat cherries are just there to hold us over until the Corals come in.  The Corals are sweeter, crisper, juicier and just better all around!

Cherry O Baby

Just look at those beautiful Cherries!  After the Coral cherries, the Bings come in and then lastly, the Texas Giants and the RAINIERS!!!  (Can you tell which cherries are my favorites?) I grew up near Mt. Rainier in Washington State and I remember going to Pike Place Market on Saturdays as a teenager and getting Rainier Cherries for the first time when I was about sixteen years old.  I’ve loved them ever since!  They even have a new Strawberry Rainier variety, but I prefer the original.


Very soon I’ll share one of my favorite cherry recipes with you and show you my favorite thing about Cherry Season in the Delta!

Hoffman Road Cherry Sign

I feel sorry for anyone around me tonight, I keep singing Cherry O’ Baby by UB40!

4 Responses to “Cherry O’ Cherry O’ Baby”

  1. We are truly lucky to live in the valley with such great produce. My hubby loves cherry season. Too bad it’s so short!

  2. Dang It! Miss Jean beat me. I think she has the time zone advantage — yeah, that’s it.

    Your cherry pictures are BEEEEAUTIFUL! I wish I were there to climb up in a tree with you. I suppose I should learn more about cherries — I think, being close to Michigan, we have a good source around here too.

    And about that blueberry jam…..

  3. Oh my I think the next Pioneer Woman is here! I LOVE this post and I can’t wait for the next one. You go girl but please don’t come to work singing today.

  4. Will we be seeing a cherry blossom quilt design soon from Anne? Your pictures are beautiful. My Bean would die to live in such a fruity place! He’s crazy about growing any kind of fruiting plant—a real plant nerd! Just today he finally—he was chafing big time at how long it took—got some jujube plants in the mail. Some kind of a cross between an apple and a date, as far as I can gather. And some longon trees, which are supposed to produce fruit similar to lychees. But he doesn’t have any cherry trees—maybe they don’t grow well in Florida?—that would be the only plausible reason for him not having at least tried!