The Magnolia District in Seattle, Magnolia Hi-Fi, Magnolia Trees…… MAGNOLIA CUPCAKES!!!!!!!

Many moons ago a girlfriend of mine (Who wasn’t too obsessed by Sex in the City) kept telling me about Magnolia Cupcakes.

Magnolia bakeryHer sister had traveled to New York City and they were supposed to blow Sprinkles out of the water – and the Prolific Baker was said to have nuttin’ on them!  How was I going to get one of these cupcakes???????

When I worked at Bechtel in San Francisco, one of my agents had moved to the East Coast and was DYING for a Pepito’s Burrito.  We went to Pepito’s bought him a burrito, packed it in ice and took it across the plaza, directly to the Fedex office.  If I can get a burrito 3000 miles away in one piece, certainly I can have a cupcake sent. Or not.  They didn’t ship.  Apparently they don’t need to since they sell over 20,000  of them a DAY.   (I recently read somewhere else that they sell 2,000 a day, but 20k sounds more impressive!) I have no friends in New York (unless you count the people that work at Dean and Deluca that I used to call nonstop until we got one close-by, but I think they want to kill me, not send cupcakes.  Maybe I could tell them there were for my funeral…) How was I going to every get to try one of these babies???

FINALLY, the Magnolia cookbook came out.   My life was now complete.  Pre-ordered on Amazon and ready to arrive the day it came out…. but there was one little glitch -  Alyssa Torrey, bless her heart, didn’t include the Magnolia Cupcake recipe in her first cook book.

I called her house and left a scathing message was beside myself.  But alas, eventually… the book came out, More from Magnolia.. and there was a PHOTO OF CUPCAKES ON THE COVER, and the prized recipe inside!  I couldn’t get home fast enough.  I stopped and bought some self-rising flour… made those puppies, cooled them, frosted them and took my first bite….


Now I’m famous with my nephew and nieces and the little neighborhood kids….  It’s not so bad, being known as the “Cupcake Lady”, I’ve certainly been called worse!!

If you’re going to make these, I would suggest that you have the butter softened (but not mushy, just so you can *dent* it) and make sure to have the milk and eggs at room temperature.  It makes a difference in the consistency of your, creamy, silky, fluffy, batter!!!!

I like to leave a ridge on the side and then roll the side in pretty sugars or sprinkles!  My friend Thimbleanna usually pipes on the icing, but i do mine with a spreader from Pampered Chef.

If you want to try them for yourself, you can get the recipe here.


Okay, I have to run.  I’m in a race to finish my yarn bag before my imaginary friend finishes hers!

:waves madly

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  1. TahDah!!! Beg and ye shall be answered!!! Thimbleanna pipes her frosting ’cause she’s not as talented as you and she can’t spread that frosting and make it look beautiful like yours! Those cuppycakes are GORGEOUS! I’ve been toying with the idea of making some valentine-y cupcakes for work — maybe I’ll do your rolling trick. Or maybe I’ll just have another mini-nervous breakdown and do nothing on Sunday. Either way — thanks for all the great tips! (Now, about that fajita recipe…..)

    You’re WAY ahead of me on the yarn bag — I’m having troubles figuring out the sequence of colors.

    So many colors, so little sense!