The best laid plans of mice and….

I was a woman with a plan.

1.  Make some cherry hand pies.

cherry hand pie

2.  Take photos and share the recipe with both of my adoring fans.

I’ve done neither.  That’s a less than passable photo from last time I made cherry hand pies.   My life got in the way.  Actually, my husband, bless his heart, got in the way.


Doesn’t he look a bit intrusive? In general, he’s a rockstar of a husband, but yesterday, I would have traded him in for a good pair of black, 1 1/2″ heel Donald J. Pliner sandals with a silver buckle on the side and those Tiffany sunglasses I’ve been swooning over.  It went EXACTLY like this…. (his version would not differ, I SWEAR.)

“Hi honey, I have a fantastic plan!  I’m going to sell my Volvo to the Volvo mechanic and then take the money and a bit more, and give it to our friend Dan who is driving out of state and he is going to buy a car trailer while he is there and bring me home a….

1968 convertible red karmann ghia

Karmann Ghia!!!!!” I sounded very enthusiastic.  VERY enthusiastic.  I’m still not certain how my exhuberance didn’t rub off on him.  I know, I didn’t do well in high-school drama, but this was for real. I was genuinely excited and somehow, this sentiment should have rubbed off on the man.

My dear husband, didn’t quite share my viewpoint. He is, however smart enough to wait a little while before throwing me into oncoming traffic.  He called me later to waylay my plans.  He very nicely explained all of the logical reasons why it wasn’t a good idea for me to buy a miniature 40 year old car and did his best to bring me back to reality.

The problem was, now I felt like EATING hand pies, but I no longer felt like MAKING them.

Let’s talk about all of the good reasons why I should get a Karmann Ghia.

1.  I grew up with a red Karmann Ghia.  It’s nostalgic for me.

2.  My dad bought me another Karmann Ghia as my first car. It’s even MORE nostalgic for me than it was after reason #1

3. I have blonde hair and would look very cute in that car.

4. I have a pair of red shoes that would match that car.

red danskos

5. I have an unusually large dog who would ALSO look very cute in that car!

loo loo

6.  It gets very good gas mileage. I live in California and it’s sunny most of the time and I could work on my tan WHILE I was driving around, looking cute in my car.

7. I want it. Badly.


I feel very sorry for my husband.  He works VERY hard and likes to come home to a nice, tasty, dinner.  And now, that he won’t buy me the car that I want, and I have to find ways to scrimp and save several thousand dollars on the side, he might have to eat a lot of:

dinner of champions

5 Responses to “The best laid plans of mice and….”

  1. Hahaha! You’re hysterical!
    Poor, Poor Hubby. No more gourmet dinners every night? You’d think he would have learned by now. Unless, of course, you’re still in the honeymoon phase and he’s never had an occasion to tell you no??? That must be it…he looks very well cared for. We’ll take this as the before Hubby picture. You’ll have to post his emaciated self when you finally get your yummy little cherry car!

  2. Rats! That Thimbleanna [adoring fan #1] is on the ball!

    I see four things to drool over here:

    #1.Cherry [hand?] pies–It’s mid afternoon and I forgot to eat lunch and am therefore ravenous!

    #2.An unintrusive, very handsome hubby, who did not throw you into oncoming traffic, but calmly tried to talk you in off the crazy Karmann Ghia ledge. Such calm in the face of insanity is admirable!

    #3. Adorable dog.

    #4. Gorgeous, cherry red, forty year old car.

    I’m off to make a ham sandwich. But I’d much prefer a cherry pie!

  3. So we know the Top Ramen didn’t come from your house. What did you do, run next door and borrow it from a neighbor for the photo?

    Hold out for a Tiffany Blue Karmann.

  4. Brigette, do you think perhaps your husband might go for the purchase if he also had a pair of cute shoes to match? Rock star red ones?
    How many times do you here of a girl drooling over a car? We don’t, unless the car can take us to a place we have been to before and dearly miss … our younger days. I say get it. Keep the Volvo, as Dudley Moore said in Crazy People, “They are boxy, but they are good”.

  5. awesome.