I’m baaaaackkkkkk

I started a blog about a year ago, at the behest of a blog buddy.  This is my new one, with a new name.  Shhh.. don’t tell anyone  it’s named after an imaginary murder!!

10 Responses to “I’m baaaaackkkkkk”

  1. WOOHOOOOOO!!!!! You’re BAAAAAAACK!!!!! Sorry it’s taken me so long to check it. Now get some of your yummy summer projects and food up on here!!!!

  2. DID you get in trouble with your boss over the old blog?! I’m intrigued! The name of it, before I read a word further, always made me laugh….”How daring this Brigita is,” I thought………Looking forward to lots of good reads here!

  3. We’re Waiting! Get writing!

  4. This is about the cutest blog header ever. I bet your boss will love it!

  5. Your comments are back…Yipee!!!

    And Anne’s right — it IS the cutest blog header EVER!!!! I can’t wait to see that little katydid cooking!

  6. Love the header- get to work on the bodier- and tell your boss you didn’t do it, Katie did!

  7. I’m so glad you are back. I’ll be watchiing for new posts. I love your new name and header!

  8. Brigita! We’re not getting any younger ya know!

  9. I don’t know about Molly, but my hair has gone gray just waiting. And I’ve gained 10 pounds. You’re going to have to answer for that in the CK!!!

  10. Things do not change; we change.